Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The F Word


What does fashion mean to you?

For me fashion is about expressing myself.

Fashion is about going public with something that interests you. It's about putting forward your best fashion foot with your head held high knowing that your fashion decision was not based upon others. I like to think of fashion as an expression of my inner self and what i am feeling. These days fashion can be found in a magazine where all the pages seem to blend, and all the styles seem to be a cloudy haze. I encourage you to take a stand to the fashion blahs. To be bold, and be original. Your body is your canvas and you are the painter. Why would you want to paint a picture that has already been painted by someone else?

When i think of fashion i tend to think of it like a song. Where the rhythm is something we follow and the beat should be our own. We all wear the same fabrics and type of clothing but how we wear it is a true reflection of our originality. Nothing is better than seeing someone step out of the box, and own what they are wearing. Confidence.

I blog, and tweet to set a rhythm, and i always encourage others to move to their own beat, and post how they feel.

Leave your comments about what fashion means to you! I would love to hear


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